Nick Ashron - Psychic Spirit Guide Artist
Nick Ashron Psychic Artist, Musician, Author and TV Presenter
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Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy
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Nick Ashron - Psychic Angel Spirit Guide Artist
Nick Ashron - Psychic Artist, Musician, Author & TV Presenter
Psychic Spirit Guide Drawings, Visionary Art, Music for Relaxation
& Healing plus Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy TV Show
Nick Ashron - Psychic Spirit Guide Artist

Nick Ashron is an award winning Psychic Artist, Visionary Musician, Author and Workshop Facilitator. He was one of the first pioneers of spiritual 'new age' music in the UK and in 2009 he launched his own inspirational Spiritual chat show:
Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy
on Controversial TV, Sky 200...


Since he was a young boy, Nick had an 'inner knowing'. His journey through his lifetime has been to discover what it was he knew!

Part of this journey entailed discovering and knowing what is 'not' as a part of knowing what 'is' - giving him a profound understanding towards the meaning and purpose of his life.

It was apparent at this early age that Art and Music were going to be the tools that would provide the insights, experience and wisdoms that he has now come to understand.

He was always drawing and started writing songs at an early age whilst living abroad in Borneo with his parents. He was involved with several local bands there. On returning to England he attended Art College and formed a College band. After leaving Art College he set up his own portrait studio in a number of holiday resorts and became actively involved with the resident bands.

It was during this period that his interest and involvement in Healing and Spiritual development grew. Recognising the potency of music as a medium to channel healing energy, he started writing music with this intent and formed a band named Pegasus - a progressive New Age melodic rock band, and performed at one of the earliest Mind, Body and Spirit festivals held at Earls Court London in 1979.

Nick then worked several years for a Music Copyright company in London as a licence negotiator, issuing licences for use of music in television, film, video and advertising productions. This gave him the motivation to set up his own music label - Wandering Minstrel Music, and initially produced four albums that represented the Four Elements of Earth (Earthdance), Air (Out of the Mist), Fire (Temple of the Sun) and Water (The Riversong Suite).

Nick rapidly made a name for himself in and around the festivals and fayres that were growing which promoted a spiritual, ecological and holistic awareness. This also included the prestigious Glastonbury Festival in the UK performing with the fun band he called Crazy 4 Animals (inspired by his then 12 year old daughter Anna Celeste). He also gave a performance with this band at the first 'New Age/Ambient Dance' club in Londons' Soho called The Seed.

During the period prior to and during the creation of a double album project entitled Celestial Gateways and Tribal Awakenings with his newly formed band Elfin Spiral, Nick was gaining many spiritual insights and teachings which inspired him to develop his own psychic gifts which manifested through his artwork and subsequently enabled him to become a channel for Spirit - facilitating the drawing of portraits of the Spirit Guides that work, empower and support humanity on its journey towards self awareness, spiritual expansion, peace and fulfillment. This work has connected him to many other countries around the world as well as to the Stars!

Nick has also released several other albums under Elfin Spiral/Wandering Minstrel Music including With Eyes Wide Open - which was channeled through an Angelic/Multi-dimensional being known as as RAEL, Selections - a collection of tracks from all his previous albums, and Sing for You (Thoughts on a Day) - a collection of songs written and sung by Nick. Nick also released his latest album from Elfin Spiral - Pleiadean Love Dance in 2005 (later re-released with new vocals in 2008).

Nick's first book By the Light of the Star (An Exploration into Creating Your Own Reality) was published in paperback (as well as published by Nick under his own label Starship Pegasus Promotions as an e-book) by Real2Can Books in 2007/2008. Nick's Selections (The Best of Nick Ashron/Elfin Spiral) CD was also re-released and published by Real2Can Records in 2007/2008.

In 2008 Nick released his first music videos with Real2Can Films (part of Reality Entertainment). Nick Ashron/Elfin Spiral music has also been featured on several new DVDs including Steve Mitchell's own films under Reality Entertainment, plus independent films by American and Norwegian filmmakers.

Nick Ashron is delighted to have been voted 'Popular Psychic Artist' in the Spiritual ConneXtions Welsh Regional Awards 2008 in May and to also have won the award for 'Popular Spiritual/Psychic Artist' in the Spiritual ConneXtions UK National Awards 2008 in September. Nick was also nominated in 3 other categories for his Music for Healing, his Personal Website and his first Book 'By the Light of the Star'.

Following an interview on Gardiner's World in December 2008, Nick was offered his own TV show which he launched in Spring 2009 with Edge Media Controversial TV on Sky Channel 200: Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy. The show ran for 2 series (Series 1, 19 episodes and Series 2, 16 episodes) which continue to be regularly repeated.

In 2015 Nick is currently planning the premiere of his first ever 'Spiritual Fantasy Rock Musical' called THE SEVEN WINDS...

This website aims to expand awareness of Nick's work and services, and includes music clips from all his albums, online ordering for all his music CDs, his book, art prints and Spirit Guide Portraits, and to help give guidance on how to connect with your Spirit Guides as well as sharing Nick's news on psychic fayres and music events where you can meet Nick in person, and of course news on his TV show:
Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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Nick Ashron has also launched an Elfin Spiral site on to promote his Elfin Spiral music with much more news, info, special offers and freebies!

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