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Some inspirational experiences and feedback sent to Nick Ashron



Nick greatly appreciates your feedback and would love to hear from you!


"I received my Spirit Guide portrait last week and was absolutely delighted. You are indeed an amazing artist. This is my second portrait from you and l shall put Dawn Light with El Dumar, my first portrait. Your words have inspired me and have allowed me to open doors. I had recently made contact with a Spiritual Church and asked to join their Circle. I attended the service on Friday and was fortunate enough to receive messages. This was the most beautiful reading l have ever received. My love and connection with the Angels and Crystals came through. The name of the church is the Dawn of Light. God bless you Nick for the beautiful work you do."

Carolyn Buchanan (October 2012)

"I listened to your CD Out of the Mist (The Quest for Avalon) through twice last evening, and a headache that has plagued me for months has gone. It is over 12 hours now and the pain has not returned. It truly is a blessing. Also the sense of well-being is overwhelming. You have no idea how much I appreciate how I now feel. Thank you so much. Bright blessings and fond regards."

Howell Williams (October 2012)

"Hi Nick, I met you at the Swansea health show and you did a Spirit Guide portrait for me and my Mum. I just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you. My guide Xanos is beautiful and has pride of place in my treatment room... Hope to meet you again soon at another event too, until then take care..."

Lisa (Cardiff, Wales - October 2011)
5 Stars

"Thank you so much, I'm really pleased to have won [Nick's eBook By the Light of the Star in his monthly recommend a friend competition], the manifesting thing is working well for me at present and a big part of that is watching Nick's show on Controversial TV, it's almost all I watch now and it's so inspiring for me... I've changed my name to Lucky Helen in response to all the manifesting that's going on!.. Thanks again for all your work, love and light"

Lucky Helen (UK, October 2011)

"Thank you so much for my Spirit Guide Portrait it has been amazing and a link I really needed. Standing Elk is already imparting such valuable knowledge to me that I need at this time. Also thank you so much for the links to Star Ancestors re the websites you mentioned and books by Patricia Cori, my next batch of reading to do! It is lovely to have this connection to you, I have waited a long time to be able to afford one of your portraits, they are lovely and so active with many other faces coming through too. The eyes are just alive and relay so much information. Bless you Nick. Love peace and angel blessings."

Juliana (Suffolk UK, July 2011)

"Having spoken to Nick at Pontins a few weeks ago and not knowing anything about him I decided to visit his website and was fascinated, so interesting. I did not know anything about Healers or the Spiritual world, I was there fundraising for a Wildlife Rescue Centre. I decided to try the Selections CD and love it, particularly Moebius Twist and Lament for the Trees, I will certainly be ordering more CDs in the future. I have just ordered his book and am sure that I will find it very interesting. He has opened up a new world for me one that I feel comfortable in, thanks Nick."

Janice Vearncombe (Taunton Devon UK, April 2011)

"I have seen your programme on Sky and enjoyed the subjects discussed. I have just downloaded a couple of your albums from Amazon and love them. I have finally found some spiritual music I feel really connected to. Thank you."

Amanda Pay (April 2011)

"I enjoy the show very much, I tell most people I know to look out for it. Very enlightening and thought provoking and I send good intentions for it to continue. The music is brilliant too!"

David Cunningham, Artist (Ireland - April 2011)
5 Stars

"I just wanted to say that I am sat here with my spirit guide portrait that you did for me in 1996 at the Guildford Spiritualist Church. It is lovely to see that you are still spreading your magic and my picture is as vibrant as it was on the day you first created it....despite being dragged to many countries and he's not even in a frame!! (Note to oneself must now treat Jeremy to a frame).....Good luck for the future and I would recommend to anyone that is wondering whether to purchase one of your Spirit Guide Portraits - to just do it."

Clare Kirkman (UK, January 2011)

"I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Nick for the beautiful guide portrait that I ordered for my Mum's birthday. She is absolutely overjoyed with the mesmerizing picture of Grey Wolf & the uplifting message from her guide especially for her & so accurately channelled & beautifully
handwritten by Nick. Words simply cannot do justice when describing how magical & alive the portrait is & such exquisite colours. l am so happy knowing that my Mum has been comforted & strengthened by seeing her guide & reading his message. Thank you Nick  for sharing your
unique gifts to bring joy & inspiration into peoples lives."

Jill Dennis (North Lincs UK, December 2010)
5 Stars

"Dear Nick, You did the most beautiful pastel Spirit Guide drawing for me in 1996 & kindly gave me a tape of your beautiful music, both of which are still very important to me to this day! I lived in Ifield Road at the time but moved back to SA in 2002. I'm so thrilled to have found your website & also see that you are in touch with Sahar....I met her several times in Park Lane, more or less at the same time. Both of you stand out in my mind as the two people with the most spiritual integrity I had the privilege of meeting, worldwide. 
Much love, light & happy laughter to you & yours."

Almine (Clairvoyant, Cape Town South Africa, December 2010)
5 Stars

"I received my envelope Spirit Guide Portrait today! I was so happy when I saw it and I cannot begin to describe my feelings when I opened it, saw the drawing and read the message. It was a very emotional moment for me and I just couldn't stop crying - tears of joy, I suppose - because the message was very personal and so spot-on.

Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Nick for his lovely drawing of Ashlan and for the enlightening message. I look into his knowing eyes and feel there is so much wisdom in them. I am truly honored that he is my guide. The journey continues."

Miranda Makwetu (South Africa, December 2010)

"Thank you for my beautiful Spirit Guide portraits - previously Eldrin and this one - Kirael. It was such a wonderful comfort this morning when I opened the enevelope to see his face and receive his inspirational guidance which brought a tear to my eye and a warm feeling in my heart. Thank you so much."

Heidi (UK, September 2010)

"Great, thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Covered some very profound subjects in a simple and understandable way. Easy to listen to and believable. Thank you."

Evelyn Burt (2010, 'Become The Star That You Are' Workshop)

"Wonderful. You helped me to link and explore all I have thought about. Now I know I'm not alone, odd or any more special than anyone else. I will carry on today with all I have learnt. Bless you."

Matthew Batt (2010, 'Become The Star That You Are' Workshop)

"A very enjoyable afternoon, I am familiar with the topics and will move positively into the future with positive thinking, for a better, brighter and happier planet with the people who walk the earth."

Debra Burgan (October 2010, 'Become The Star That You Are' Workshop)

"Thank you Nick for an informative, fact-filled, enlightening, fun day and the opportunity to share a great experience!"

Nicky Marshall (October 2010, 'Become The Star That You Are' Workshop)

"Just about everything you have said today has resonated with me - thank you for this, most definitely accelerated my well-being! You have imparted some very useful information and tools that are easy to understand and INSPIRATION!"

Lesley Clifton (August 2010, 'Become The Star That You Are' Workshop)

"Interesting recollection of your life as leading to the other subjects. Informative and you know your subject. The fact you were enthusiastic about the subject came across as you shared that with us."

Marie Rogers (August 2010, 'Become The Star That You Are' Workshop)

"I found very simple and useful to understand 3 - 4 tools that I will apply for the rest of my life;
1) Intent 2) Trust 3) Allow 4)Pretend [its already manifested]. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Hopefully I will see you again on pursuing my spiritual path!"

Yadira Haddieka (August 2010, 'Become The Star That You Are' Workshop)

"I attended a talk on the 2012 events in Southampton in June 2010. It was a  very interesting talk and I use the technique for cosmic ordering as described by Nick with great effect. Very worthwhile venture and great personality. I no longer fear whatever 2012 brings..."

Denise Kennefick (Nurse, London UK, July 2010)
4 Stars

"This workshop was so relaxed and informative.  A truly excellent day well spent and the time flew past. The group came away very enlightened and inspired! Can't wait for the next installment Nick! ;-)"

Anthea Peries (Civil Servant, UK, November 2009)
5 Stars

I met Nick at the Halloween Bash in London this year and was really moved by his uplifting and inspiring talk.  He was asked to speak at short notice and he stepped in and delivered a brilliant talk - it just blew me away!  I was literally moved to tears, tears of happiness that is by his talk and would recommend Nick as a speaker and teacher at any spiritual event - he has a lot to share and a wonderful way of explaining things that makes them easy to grasp.  

After the presentation I asked Nick to draw my spirit guide for me and he drew me a beautiful picture and explained how to contact this guide.  He also channelled a great deal of information from this guide for me which I am extremely grateful for.  He pieced together occult work that I have been working on for over 20 years - at long last it all fits together beautifully!

On the day that I met Nick I was feeling spiritually disheartened and disillusioned.  I am now feeling inspired, encouraged and full of positive energy - what more can I say? This guy is a Master.

Kathy, Astrologer (Blackpool, November 2009)

Thank you so much Nick for drawing one of my Spirit Guides, Star person, Elantra the Siriun. I am thrilled to have him join my team of Indian Guides, especially as I have become aware of the close relationship between them. I also thank you for filling in some of the gaps for me at this time, especially the confirmation of being a Lightworker...
Many blessings to you, and to Spirit for giving you this wonderful gift to share with others.

Thelma, Counsellor (Somerset, October 2009)
5 Stars

I first met Nick at a Mind, Body & Spirit fayre when he drew a picture of my spirit guide.  I then went to order one for my Mum and found his website and signed up for emails.  I recently received an email to let me know that series 2 of his TV programme would be starting in September so I tuned in.  I missed the first episode and the first one I saw was about Animal Communication with Jackie Weaver.  I must say I found it very interesting and straight away made contact with Jackie as I was having a problem with my dog recently.  Jackie has helped immensely as she has found the underlying problem by talking to my dog.  My dog has an inner ear problem which the vet and I had no idea about.  However, the vet and I are now working to fix this and it would not have happened had I not watched Nick's brilliant show.  As Jackie says, Nick goes to great lengths to get genuine people on the show, and Jackie certainly is this.  It was also nice to find out about my dog's previous life before we got her from the rescue home.  It made a lot of sense and I have no doubt this was coming from my dog!

I wish Nick all the best with his show, it is really nice to see something on TV which is not too commercial and is of interest to myself and others like me.
Neshla Avey (UK, October 2009)

I asked for a spirit guide portrait. I have had them drawn before but not from Nick. I asked my guide every night to come through as confirmation that the drawing was really of my guide (I had never heard of Nick before). One Friday night I clearly saw my Native American guide. He had a headband around his head with one feather in the centre. The feather disappeared. I knew that when the drawing came it would be of him! On the Monday I got the envelope and it was the Native American with the headband and no feather! Even the cheek bones were the same as I saw previously! The only difference was my guide looked slightly older than he was drawn. I was delighted as it confirmed to me how accurate and honest Nick was... Nick is an amazing artist and I would highly recommend him for his drawings.

Ruby, Pharmacist (London, October 2009)

Many thanks for the beautiful portrait of my spirit guide 'Wolf Heart.' He has a beautiful face and I know he will not thank me for saying that! lol... I get the impression he is rather more practical than that although I get a strong impression I also knew him in a Mayan incarnation. You have certainly crystallised why I am so drawn to the healing profession. and my interest in herbs and plants and animals. I also have an interest in Astrology (the stars) although I do seem to have a block here. Can I tell you a little about myself I work with Autistic children and young adults, and have also worked with dementia clients and in the healing area of a surgery ward in the past. Although I am coming up fast to retirement age I do not feel that my work life is over just yet. I am at a bit of a cross roads though and I hope by contacting my guide I will now find a way to the right road to take. Many thanks for the work you do and for the portrait. I was so surprised at how quickly it arrived as I know you are a very busy man. Thank you for taking time to draw Wolf Heart for me. Bright blessings to you and to your daughter. Keep up the good work.

Ann Taylor (Lincolnshire, May 2009)

Here is a beautiful poem sent to Nick to thank him for a Spirit Guide Portrait:






Colleen O'Neill (Kent, April 2009)

"I have just framed and put up the magnificent picture of El Eros you drew for me. I never realised a picture could be so emotive and he has told me things and made me cry!!!"...

..."I can tell you Nick has made a big impact on my life, by explaining to me about me being a lightworker, I knew I had to go through the illness/horrible life stuff to get to this, but didn't quite understand the concept, but thanks to Nick, I do now."

Jackie Weaver (UK, April 2009

"Just a short note to say how delighted I am with the drawing of my husband's spirit guide Little Feather. It was purchased for his birthday on the 5th of April, and to say I am thrilled is an understatement!! The words you also wrote were fantastic, and I know he will find it all very deeply moving."...

... "I was more than thrilled with your painting and reading, and my husband was amazed. We take great delight in showing it to anybody that walks through our door, my husband is so very proud of it."

Doriel Townend (Surrey, April 2009)

"I just wanted to say thank you for one of my spirit guide pictures you drew, I received it this morning, I am so glad I had it done because not only is it a beautiful portrait but it was also confirmation for me because I had a few readings done by psychics and I kept getting mixed messages about who my spirit guide might be and thought I kind of knew but after being told different stories, I just felt confused and a little disappointed but I'm really happy now so thank you."

Hale Ibrahim, Student (London, March 2009)
5 Stars

"Wow having my Spirit Guide Picture was an inspiration to show that I now know that I am a Lightworker and I am starting to connect more and more (colours in the face keep changing). Ordered another one now as I have been told I have more than one. If anyone reading this I suggest getting one as if nothing else the info that Nick Channels through is as interesting as seeing a picture of your guide(s). Thanks again Nick."

Russell Lilley, Computer Technican (Halstead Essex, October 2008)

"Nick, thank you very much for the portrait of my guide, El-Dumar. Having looked at your website l knew the portrait would be good, but you surpassed yourself. I was speechless, which is not something l normally suffer from. The best way of me describing the portrait is that it is an eternal book with so much information that l will constantly be learning and discovering myself. You are right about my healing properties and also the elfin/faery connection. I am very interested to learn l had an incarnation in Atlantis. I have a water birth sign and l am always drawn to blue, especially electric blue. Thank you also for recommending the books. I look forward to speaking to you again in the near future.
God bless you and your wonderful work."

Carolyn Buchanan, Housewife (Scotland, October 2008)
5 Stars

"We're both delighted with our psychic spirit guide drawings and the readings that go with them. They are very inspirational and touched a personal chord."

Chris and Kate Maude (Reading UK, October 2008)

"I received the portrait of my wonderful Spirit Guide on Tuesday and I must say, when I saw my dearest Lana, I greeted her with a kiss and said welcome. Since Tuesday I have been in constant communication with her and she as you had stated with the reading that I am a LIGHTWORKER and PSYCHIC, of which I never did know. YES we are all one as you clearly stated in the letter you sent to me along with this beautiful portrait and I look forward in ordering others in the near future. As you told me as well that I am STAR SEED, from the Sirius system of which I wasn't aware of at that time, so I am also going to connect with the sirius family I have with the help and guidance of my wonderful and loving spirit guide. I recommend your lovely work to all those who wish to have such a great work done for them, for I am more than sure it will help everyone immensely. Many blessings to you and your family in spirit as well as those that are living."

Joseph Bartolo (Malta, October 2008)

"I would like to thank Nick for his portrait he sent me of my guardian. It was lovely and I'm impressed with it. I recommended him to my brother who lives in Southampton!"

Linda Rose Bevan, Care Assistant (UK, September 2008)
5 Stars

"[Nick] You recently did a spirit drawing for me and I just wanted to say a very big thank you for it. It was beautiful and your note with it very insightful. My guide was Tarius who came to help me remember who I really am and help to remember my galactic family etc.
What was amazing was that just before requesting the drawing I had been seeking answers to various questions I had in my mind, and asked out loud who I really was. And I certainly got my answer! I have just read your book recommendation No More Secrets, No More Lies [(A Handbook to Starseed Awakening) by Patricia Cori, Lightwork Press] that has helped open my eyes further and I now feel I know who and what I am and what I need to do for myself and for the world. So, again, really to say I can't thank you enough."

Julie Blandford (UK, July 2008)

"I had a spirit guide portrait from Nick several years ago and the lady in the picture - Lani - is a great source of comfort and inspiration to me as a guide and constant companion. Several years ago while viewing the portrait, Mother Mary superimposed herself over the picture, as I watched her beauty unfold she gazed at me and I saw her wonderful compassion in all its glory. Please add this as a recommendation for your amazing portraits."

Mike Edmonds, Emissary (UK, June 2008)
5 Stars

"I spoke very little about myself when I contacted Nick, I only said that I wanted to make contact with my spirit guide, well Nick didn't know but I was already a practicing Crystal Therapist, which he mentioned when he sent me my guides' portrait, there just isn't enough space here to write how every single thing he said was relevant, since then I have recommended him to a number of friends, and have also got a portrait for my eldest son and as gifts for two of my closest friends who are more like sisters, and I cannot recommend him highly enough, my guide is now such a part of my life that has helped me so much, I can not imagine being without him. Bless you Nick you have really helped me with my earth walk through your gift.

Donna Dibb, Crystal Therapist & Reiki Practioner (Northampton UK, April 2008)
5 Stars

"Thank you for introducing me to my lovely spirit guide. As soon I saw her I knew why she was my guide. Something that words couldn't do justice to, because that involves thinking and that can't quite grasp the true nature of it. She's helping me to rediscover me, aspects that I have forgotten or neglected because my ego had decided it would be a good idea!

Mark Ellerby, Divine Spark (Sheffield UK, April 2008)
5 Stars

"Thank you so much for my beautiful Spirit Guide portrait. I have been meditating for a couple of years now, and had already made contact with my guide. The portrait that you sent to me was exactly as I see him during meditation - although in his portrait he is a little more stunningly attired than when I meet with him! I had no doubt in your ability to sketch my guide but must admit to being amazed at just how accurately you caught every feature - particularly the love in his eyes.
Many thanks Nick."

Gill Gillies, Nursery Nurse (Kent UK, April 2008)
5 Stars

"I ordered a Spirit Guide Portrait for my partner. It arrived promptly, was beautiful and has exceeded all our expectations. Thank you very much."

David Chivers, Musician (Colchester Essex UK, April 2008)
5 Stars

"My first reaction to my Spirit Guide Portrait was one of being very familiar with it and on meditating on it I saw myself as I had been in a school photo about 10 years of age. Young, fresh, lively and very sociable. On reflection these are the qualities of "little children" and a re-minder of how we are in health. The changing faces that come into view also re-connects us to the knowledge there is no separation between us, and at times we forget this.

Nice to get it back if only for a few minutes a day. My portrait has given me support when I most felt I needed some in periods of great trial and have been comforted by a feeling of his presence during these moments."

JOHANNA MARIA BRIGGS, Homeopathic Practitioner (Leeds UK, April 2008)
5 Stars

"I became very interested in the metaphysical world causing me to seek out information by reading books and psychic readings. This lead me to you, Mr. Nick Ashron. I've ordered several drawings of my Spirit Guides, Tiaka, Atla and Nameka. You have given me so much pleasure in me understanding what it is to be a lightworker. I feel there is still hope for Love & Compassion in this world.

I can't thank you enough for your unique and beautiful gift."

Makeda Chukwueneka, Director (Louisville, Kentucky USA, April 2008)
5 Stars

"The service was good and although it took a little time to receive was well worth the wait and the reading sent with the portrait was very accurate.

Fantastic, spot on, thank you Nick."

Diane, Hands4Healing & Complementary Therapies Tutor (Essex UK, April 2008)

"I saw Nick at a fayre and he did a portrait for a friend. As my friend and I have a close link I thought it would be interesting to see what my guide looked like. Although our guides were from different areas, another friend has also had a guide done by Nick who is from the same group as my guide. This was fascinating as from when we first met we seemed to recognise each other. The information Nick gave me was also very useful.
Thank you for Samel he is great to have around."

Michelle Slater, Shop Assistant (Kettering UK, April 2008)
5 Stars

"Absolutely stunning!! I first saw Nick doing his artwork at a Mind Body & Spirit festival a few years ago which prompted me to have a look at the website. I was so inspired by the other spirit guide drawings I thought it would be the perfect gift for my mum's 50th birthday. Needless to say she absolutely adores it and it has pride of place in her house.  Since then I have also had one done for my husband and myself, all of which have been absolutely amazing. Its surprising as well how much the words that accompany the pictures really resonate as well. Thank you Nick!"

Danielle Rhiannon, Full Time Mum (Shropshire UK, April 2008)
5 Stars

"Nick, it was wonderful to meet you at the MBS Show in Brentwood - I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to my spirit guide, Rael. This morning's experience was truly a cathartic and moving one. I also wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic and evocative music video to Lament for the Trees. With love and light.

Eunice (UK, March 2008)


Wendy Bramley (Stratford-on-Avon UK, March 2008)
5 Stars

"Since I have received the Psychic Portrait of one of my Spirit Guides (ORAK) from you Nick, I feel that I have 'come Home'. Not only does Orak look so familiar, he is absolutely full of honor, respect and love... I am presently going through a tough time (early stages of a split in a relationship) and I 'know' that my Guide has been sent to give me strength, courage and determination to see/take each task to the end, together with understanding and acceptance.

I am so pleased with my Portrait that I will soon be ordering a 2nd one!"

Jan (Shropshire UK, February 2008)

"Your work is wonderful, I have had a lot of joy with working with my spirit guide called Anziel. You drew him a couple of years ago now. He helps me daily on many levels. He keeps shinning light on my path. Thank you and best wishes."

Daphne Diluce Brown (Cornwall UK, February 2008)

"Just wanted to thank you for my spirit guide portrait of Seramus which arrived very promptly and I am absolutely thrilled with. I was also intrigued by the accompanying message as it tied in very closely with what I had been told over the years. The past life in Atlantis where I apparently worked with crystal energies hadn't been given to me before but you won't be surprised to know that Atlantis has always had a fascination and my house is full of crystals!

I have always been aware of one of my spirit helpers and had only recently been told that another one was closely linked to the angelic realm, which ties in with your reading.  I shall certainly work with it as you suggest and also check out the recommended source books."

Eileen (Lancashire UK)

"This was a experience that has changed my life forever, I really don't know how to explain but all I can say is life is changing and I am realising that I am here for a BIG reason.  When I met Nick it was at the mind and body festival. Oblivious to what was to come I decided to see him simply out of curiosity. When Nick showed me the picture of my guide AJNA I immediately felt emotional and I didn't know why, but inwardly as I was looking at him I felt a connection and a feeling that I recognised him I said at that moment 'Hello Ajna'. Once Nick started telling me about my guide and me, in a small way I felt it made sense as he called me a 'star person'. He also told me to read the book 'Bringers of the Dawn' [Bringers of the Dawn : Teachings from the Pleiadians - Barbara Marciniak - Bear & Company] to understand who I am, which I am still reading and its amazing! Since I have had this picture its next to my bedside so I can see it and I have been having phenomenal experiences. One experience would be a dream full of white light flashes then a sudden stop into my room, across my room I see a little girl playing, laughing looking back at me smiling then flashes again and I woke amazed, but inwardly I knew things were changing. That same morning I went to college in my class while my teacher is talking I see lights around her coloured, I felt my 3rd eye (Ajna means third eye, my sister read a book saying that, 3rd eye is between your eye brows 'intuition') buzzing, I knew it was her aura. When I came home I told my sister about the dream and she asked whether the girl was a part of the house and told me to try and connect, being oblivious again, I asked her to come and I felt a rush of cold air beside me and a feeling of someone saying hello. This is when I knew AJNA was going to take me on a rollarcoaster ride of remembrance and spirituality, but I have to thank Nick, you have given me a great present, the picture is beautiful and honest, while I am saying this my 3rd eye is buzzing again, I guess AJNA agrees

Thanks and God bless, I recommend it to anyone, it will change the old you to become the REAL you."

Maryum (UK)

"Thank you for sending this through to us Nick. Rosie was absolutely thrilled to see your drawing and has been speaking to her guide daily. I have also a strong connection with Amriel, who you drew for me at Gill's that day. Last night I asked him to let me know he was there, and I felt a warm rush of energy. The same happened when I said goodbye. Good counsel is coming through, which I can do with at a difficult time. The overall message is always to follow the guidance of my heart.
Best wishes to you.

The guide you drew for me is one I cherish - speaking to him most days by looking directly into his eyes, I have received some phenomenal guidance. Most of this is orientated towards following my heart. It's very welcome and is keeping me on track during some troubled stuff going on with 'soon to be' ex..."

Heather (UK)

"Just a line to thank you for my 'Spirit Guide' portrait. I received it in the post today and it's a beautiful picture.

You are right about me being a Lightworker. I use Reiki & Seichem in my healing work. I will frame your picture and place it in my Reiki room. You mention the Elfin & Faery kingdoms and nature spirits, which I am interested in for I love nature and gardening. I'm always joking about the Pixie people and Faeries, hence people think I'm a little eccentric or just plain mad, I'm not sure which. You also mentioned links to Greeks and Mayans, I am also interested in these cultures along with Egypt and Japan. You said that I am psychic and intuitive, and it's true I have always had premonitions and been very intuitive with people, but since learning Reiki & Seichem it has strengthened. You also mentioned that I give more than I receive, this is also true and I am already working on this side of me. You mention Sirius being the original home of Dolphins & Whales, well for many years I did adopted a Whale and a Dolphin. So as you can see your reading was spot on.

Once again, thank you for your time and effort and my lovely picture of one of my guides."

Mandy (UK)

"Many thanks for the portrait, I received it yesterday and I got your text too, so thanks also for that. Its a great picture, really like it very much. He's quite a strong character, although I wasn't expecting a Mayan I must admit, but I do find it a strange coincidence given that I have never studied the Mayan culture before but recently and for what reason I don't know, I purchased a book called the 'Wisdom of the Maya' and a set of carved wisdom cards. Since purchasing them I left them on my book shelf in my study and have not looked at them since, but now that I have the portrait of the Mayan "Tolak" then I think I will pick the book and cards up again and start to use them. Strange how things happen isn't it, the answers always come if you are patient, I have learnt that.

OK, well many many thanks indeed, I am really pleased with him and he has pride of place on my study wall in front of my desk so that I can look at him for inspiration.

God Bless you and yours and much love to you too."

Julie (UK)

"Thank you so much again for the lovely music tape you kindly sent. It was quite unexpected but much appreciated. My own psychic portrait is now framed, a lovely angelic boy's face, which sends out beautiful energy every time I look for it. The eyes in particular are very captivating.

Many I thank you also for the lovely evening you gave us demonstrating your gift of spirit portraiture at our meeting place [East Grinstead Christian Spiritual Church of Love]. It was a delightful evening watching you work alongside one of our mediums Kate Lawrence. Your use of the pastels is very beautiful, and the finished drawings emanate a lovely radiance and soft colour. Everyone who came that evening were greatly impressed. Your talk and explanation was very helpful. Spirit have found a wonderful instrument for your work. I'm sure you are appreciated wherever you go. The pictures make the contact with the higher dimensions of life more meaningful - something tangible for us to look at any time.

I wish you well in your loving service, and we look forward to booking you again later in the year. May peace and light be with you."

Sigrid Humerston (East Grinstead Christian Spiritual Church of Love, Sussex UK)

"Nick Ashron came to Guilford Spiritualist Church for a Saturday Special Event, September 28, 1996 to a give a demonstration of psychic artistry.

The President of the Church Lyn Bond assisted Nick clairvoyantly.

In total Nick drew or had drawn nine faces - all exquisitely beautiful and in incredible detail. The eyes looked out from the pictures and seemed to move around the room and the light eminated from the face and in some cases the aura also was drawn. The colours that were incorporated in the shirt collars/dress necklines were symbolic and gave greater depth to the face, the need of the individual and significance of the occasion and the energy that was created as the evening wore on was absolutely amazing.

Nick Ashron in my view has a wonderful gift. He has a great understanding of the world of Spirit and allows himself to be an instrument to help those walking the earth plane in order to bring forward faces from many realms, to aid spiritual growth and understanding. Working with mediums of a high vibration, with sympathetic audiences who want to learn and who are enthusiastic, together with the seekers, I feel enhanced with the evening that Nick created for us, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Nick Ashron and his work and we look forward to when he will be able give another demonstration of his psychic artistry."

Barbara Stone (Guildford & District Spiritualist Church, Surrey UK)

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