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New Healing Music CD
Innocence Healing Wings Collection CD Volume 2

Healing Wings: INNOCENCE for healing, meditation or relaxation...

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Selections CD re-released
Nick Ashron's Selections CD

Nick Ashron's Selections
CD has been re-released in 2008 by Real2Can Records...

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Latest CD re-released
Elfin Spiral's Pleiadean Love Dance
Elfin Spiral's Pleiadean Love Dance CD re-released for Summer 2008 with new guest vocals...
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Special offer on healing relaxation music CDs
music for healing and relaxation Offer on Four Elements Collection of gentle, healing guitar music - FREE CD!
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new e-book out now
By the Light of the Star Nick Ashron's first book By the Light of the Star has been published by Real2Can Books and is available to buy in paperback...
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Healing Music CDs by Nick Ashron Music CDs by Nick Ashron / Elfin Spiral

Nick Ashron was one of the first pioneers of spiritual 'new age' music in the UK and has been creating inspirational music since 1979 when he recognised the potency of sound as a medium to channel healing energy. All Nick's music is channelled through Spirit and intended for relaxation, healing, meditation or visualisation and also for self-empowerment. Nick says "The intent of my music is to take the listener on a journey of healing and transformation to a higher state of being". Buy Nick Ashron and Elfin Spiral CDs here (some are also available from Amazon, itunes and Reality Entertainment)...

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Spirit Guide Portrait by Nick Ashron

Spirit Guide Drawings by Nick Ashron

You can have your Angel / Spirit Guide Portrait drawn by Psychic Artist Nick Ashron or request as a unique, beautiful and spiritual gift for someone special. You can request a Spirit Guide Portrait online here...

  • Meet your Spirit Guide through a beautiful pastel drawing of their portrait
  • Receive a personal channelled message from your Guide
  • Use the portrait as a visual tool to help you connect with your Guide

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Books by Nick Ashron

Books by Nick Ashron

You can buy Nick's first book By the Light of the Star (An Exploration Into Creating Your Own Reality) which aims to provide profound practical tools that can be applied in your every day life in order to transform your personal reality, and empower you to become the 'master' of your own reality, and Nick has also contributed an essay on Man and Nature in Ancient Code The Book: You Are The Key To The Code (also available at Amazon and Reality Entertainment)...

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Lightworkers Shop Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy T-Shirt & Merchandise Shop

Nick Ashron is very excited to announce the launch fof his online t-shirt and merchandise shop with the first official Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy TV show design. Please let Nick know of any other products you'd like to see in his shop. The shop is powered by Spreadshirt who print on demand and deliver to the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

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Products featuring Nick Ashron

Other CDs & DVDs featuring Nick Ashron

Nick Ashron is now delighted to be able to bring you other products by other artists and friends including feature film DVDs and music CDs, that Nick either features in by interview, or where Nick Ashron and/or his Elfin Spiral music features on the film soundtrack. DVDs and CDs are available to buy here from several UK and US artists/filmmakers; Steve Mitchell, Patty Greer, Soul Path and Woo...

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Compassionate-Tee Shop Compassionate Tee-Shop

Nick is a passionate supporter of the animal welfare group Compassionate Dorset and their Compassionate Tee-Shop which was set-up by his daughter and Web Manager Anna Celeste. As a life-long vegan, Nick believes one of the most compassionate and spiritually aware things we can do is to not eat animals or animal products. He encouraged his children to be vegetarian when they were younger on the basis that animals are our friends....and we don't eat our friends! Nick therefore recommends their funky farm animal themed t-shirts as 100% profits from online sales are donated to the leading farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming to help end the horrors of intensive factory farming and improve the lives of animals who are still farmed for food.

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